How it works

Creating your own unique racing identity has never been easier.

We make one of a kind, high quality, graphics and apparel. You can make your mark on track with the peace of mind that the first time you rub wheels, your kit wont tear to shreds. You can also make your mark off the track with comfortable, high quality gear that you and your team can wear.

We will make you and your team stand out from the rest of the grid. With a large selection of pre-made products and the ability to collaborate on your own custom made works, you will find it hard to NOT look good. Your racing identity should signify who you are on and off the track, and with Carbon Digital's modern designs, we can make that happen for you.



We ask that you contact us to get the convo started. We'll get some quick details on what you want for your graphics and work with you to make them fit your individual needs. From there you can either choose to prepay and purchase a bespoke graphics kit/bespoke apparel set or pay once designs have been given the go ahead.



We'll sketch something up for you and you either approve it or request changes. We will continue to make changes until you are completely satisfied.



Once final design concepts are approved, you pay (unless prepaid), and we will begin manufacturing your graphics kit and/or apparel.



Everything, including our predesigned kits are made to order. So once your kit(s)/apparel finishes manufacturing, we will ship your bespoke work to you. Then whether it's graphics and/or apparel, fit it, and go racing!