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Quote Date 06/09/2020
Valid Until 12/09/2020
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Brian Erickson
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1 BASELINE OPTION 1 Torq 3 (Suit base color must be white, black, Royal blue or red)

In order to offer maximum comfort and breathability the torq 3 is a 2 layer, 360g.sq/m race suit. It has been specifically designed to offer many of the benefits of a more expensive suit but allowing you to build a custom suit for a competitive price. Due to how thin the suit is, which is only normally seen in top level suits, the torq 3 will keep you cool so is ideal even if racing in a hot environment.

1 BASELINE OPTION 2 Torq 2 (Suit base color must be white, black, Royal blue or red)

The base of this suit is formed from the torq 3. 2 layers to ensure maximum coolness and comfort, a material weight of 360 g.sq/m but packing some extra features. The torq 2 comes complete with fully floating sleeves, soft collar and a stretch panel on the back. These extra features allow for added comfort especially on rally’s and longer distance circuit racing where the driver is in the suit for a longer duration of time.

1 BASELINE OPTION 1 Torq 1 Superlight

The torq 1 superlight is the next generation of race suit. A size 50 is just 850g! Sticking to our philosophy of using a minimum number of layers allows the driver to keep cool and comfortable in this super light, super thin 2 layer race suit. The torq 1 superlight is well suited to professional drivers who seek all the performance advantages of a top level suit. Soft collar, floating sleeves, stretch panel on the back and optional stretch panel on the knee and inner leg are all features of the suit.

1 Custom Sizing

Made to measure sizing so that the suit fits your exact measurements.

1 Embroidery Plant Fee (per logo)

Cost to add an embroidered logo onto your suit. Price is per logo, and once a logo is in the system, you no longer need to pay for the plant fee for future suits.

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